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Yeah it's pretty much based of the forest of eternal night scheme, you know where its a creepy forest that always night time witht he howling wind and shit. This one will have a poisonous swamp, a crypt, a huge living hollowed out tree, and a small log cabin based off Evil Dead.

sounds narly

It's called Satan's Hallow, and is based completely on the forest of eternal night feel. Having that all aroudn dark and eerie sounding landscape, and is rather large.

But i've added a small twist on how it should be played..
Players will be pitted against a demon horde, trying to survive. I'd say give the map a time limit of 2 hours and the last man standing mutator should be in effect, so if you die, you are out for the rest of the game! A good idea would be to team up, but if your that natural selectionist guy, you can go ahead and kill everything that crosses your path.

I'm going to add actor generators that spawn zombies and all kinds of terrifying critters, each player spawns in a safe area, which i'll get to in a moment, the theme is basic survival, food supplies will take a long time to respawn, not to mention the weapons. There are going to be certain safe zones where monsters cannot enter, these zones are: The old Church, Cabin deep in the wilderness ( but it's basement is home to a real nasty critter..).

There isn't any very powerful weaponry at these spawn points, so this is were i'll speak of the danger zones ( as if the woods wasnt dangerous enough) The Mausoleum is home to some decent weaponry, but also home to dangerous critters known as Shades that wont take too kindly to your robbing, they attack on a spiritual level, physical attacks cannot harm them!
The Hallowed Tree is home to a mystical rune said to make the one who touches it near immortal, but the rune is said to be in a pool of acid beneath a tree. The Hedge Maze ( which contains the hallowed tree) is a particular danger zone, it seems to be a werewolf nest.
Next we got the Shadowman Swamp, which has a lot of shadow people there ( they are harmless unlike shades.) They are just there to creep the **** out of you. Oh yeah, the swamp water is very toxic, a single dip in there can prove fatal, but a mystic rune of power is supposed to be on a small spit of land inside the swamp! you better be good at platforming to get it.
The Heroes tomb, situated inside a mountain cave ( BEWARE, theres more than one cave, you must find the real one.) There inside the cave the legendary Valor and Devilseeker can be found there! With these weapons one needs no source of light for they emit light themselves and the devilseeker can cleave through demons like a hot knife through butter!

Well that's pretty much it to the map, i suspect you wont have too low of a framrate, the actor generators wont be constantly spawning critters, only replacing them after every 2 minutes.

MOHTER FUCKING FUCK! i had to do a system restore and i fucking lost everything! I had made great progress on satanshallow and final legend.

god damn it, it is always something out there to fuck my day up.

damn cecil your teh h4x at mapping yamean

looking forward :)

Although i lost this map a long time ago, i could try to reproduce it after i get done with other shit..

God damn it Cecil, the next time i get on rune (1023910984123098 years?)
I want to see one of your maps.
Thats final.

Heya I hope you'll remake SatansHallow soon, it would be awesome for the next halloween.