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DM-FinalLegendREDUX in the works.

A remake of the classic Final Legend adventure style map!
This time with more adventure and MOAR asskicking.

Some new areas added..

Expanded Tower of Terror: That's right, this will be the biggest dungeon of the whole map, and also features
the more deadlier of the creatures of the night. Be prepared to see the full fledged twisted nightmare the demons wish to turn your homeworld into.

Forest of Nocturne: A forest filled with looming shadows and ghoulish screams, and is the nesting ground to the tomb of Ophiucus. This place is also the last line of defence the devils have before you infiltrate the Tower.

Aquarius Dungeon: A temple dedicated to water has been defiled by some unholy beast.

Adamantium Mine: An abandoned Adamantium mine now filled with all manner of unholy beasts, what's more to say?

Tomb of Ophiucus: A labyrinthe that is said to have great treasure.

This map is also gonne be made with a new formula i thought up, basically, theres the Overworld. This is usually where you get to from one place to another. The Underworld consists of the dungeons, and in order to make these dungeons larger, i put a teleporter at the entrance which takes you to the according dungeon.

This allows me to make the dungeons far more expansive and exciting, and far more treacherous.


I know it's a been awhile and yes i been lazy.

but here's some screenies of some shit ive done:
A complete rework of the Redux, since i thought it sucked noodles and decided to delete all and start again, heres some pics of the better version.

^Newer and better looking volcano, has spewing fire from the cap. Also i plan to have fire rain down on you as you approach :P  kinda like the death mountain from legend of zelda.

^ Newer tower of terror, and yes that is a skybox in the background.


A Zweihander, which i a true two handed sword  :wacko:

Other maps:

Crystal Keep

^ this one was inspired by Final Fantasy 2, i plan to make another called CrystalRevenge which will be Final Fantasy 7 inspired.

{{WaR}} Land

^  look inside the council/meeting room.

^ {{WaR}} Stronghold from outside.

^ View from Mountains. :D

Nice  :jamieh:

Hey Cecil!
I can't wait to see the full version of FinalLegendREDUX ^^
and the {{WaR}}Land looks awesome too I hope I'll get the chance to play them. :jamieh: