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Dark Viking Knight

in case some of u havent seen, i got my best skin out ever!
its created all from scratch and iv spent countless hours on it.

download link:

Damn! Nice skin!

Very nice man!

lmao man you really need to come up with better names hahaha

i love how you can come up with the most creative skin ever and then name it like "Knight" lmao

work on that for your next one

btw upload here nub!
ill aprove that shit yamean

lmfao wtf am i gonna call it? penisinurmouth yamean?

uhh.. how about Schwarz?
thats german for the colour black.
Or TodesEngel
german for Death's angel.

Isn't "The Schwarz" from Spaceballs?

just give it a badassname like


It's ok, really love the helmet tho

yeah.. that is from space balls! good movie.
anyways, i uploaded my maps to runefiles, and waiting for approval.

ill approve for u