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Creation Request: Sniper Rifle

Well the idea is a sniper rifle that can zoom in, The model of the sniper rifle could be based off a 50 Cal. Sniper Rifle

The Zoom Feature would be a HUD that pops up when you Press the shield key(left click) It would be cool if you could zoom
in and out but that would require lots of coding so just make the HUD be zoomed out a good bit. You could use the bullet codes from gangstas in the rifle, the bullets from the colt is much faster then the bullets from contra or if you feel like being more original thats fine too. But with the HUD Put a Cross Hair on it and have it zoomed out, You could either make the HUD kinda like a shield were the player has to hold down the sheild key(left click) or make it so they just have to left click once to bring up the HUD and left click again to exit out of the HUD. This could also be turned into a mod if wanted, just need a few good sniper maps and such but just being able to use the Rifle In Death Matches would be funner to me. If anyone could make my idea come true i would be very thankful and im positive it would be very popular among the rune community.


SaDosi wrote:

Basicly, i want to make a sniper rifle for rune

your late tho its already been made in a mod called viking soldier but its not released yet