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convoision for rune

what if we turned rune into a 15th century looking game you know with the plate armor and the gas lamps and stone streets and big ass castles.. and better working swords (notably the bastard sword and bihander)
hmm we couldnt make kniggits from the given meshes in rune but we could get soemone that i know could make the weapons he cometh from the -=INI=- clan from 1.00 neosark was his name i think

i basically want to create like warfare type thing were you do siege like stuff you know set up pikes, blow shit up,ballistas,catapults and flaming arrows from hell.. well i thought up some missions that could be made, as a simple beta with reg rune weapons and skins just diff map (for teamplay)

The Siege
takes place in: 1564
this one takes place in southern france, the invading germans are tired of the french mocking them,so they kick some french ass. basic castle with objects to do, first one being taking a handaxe and tossing one, cutting the bridge supports so you can get ur buddies in. while your doing that the french are hurling handaxes at you.
and as cecil likes his realism, one hit, one kill. every weapon does lethal as the germans have stormed the castle your next objective to do is to take a box full of gun powder and blow up Lord Degayman's bedroom where his wife and five gay children hide.

Battle of Hastings
Takes place: 1066
in this one its a basic field, where there are many many shields and broadswords, you are to appoint one man of each team as leader the two teams being
King Harold's team of housecarls.
or Duke William of normandy's french vikings.
the point of this one is to have an unequal team, harold's having the less and are forced to defend london with their shield wall. as williams cavalry charges forth to lure the men out of the shield wall and slay them.
this battle did happen though in real life, king harold was shot in the right eye by an arrow, being the first time foreign power took the throne. itt akes place in a hilly countryside, so nothing special just a field with a sun set sky.

Storm assault
take splace in: 1423
A very wealthy trader wishes to travel to denmark across the river from switzerland,to merchant his goods, but knows the seas are dangerous at this time of year, with many pirates out there. the biggest boat being the trade ship settling on water that is freezing cold, that seems to drain your energy and pull you down below to drown in the icy waters. the merchant has hired mercenaries to protect him, but then on the horizon he sees 6 other small boats carrying about 3 men a piece.
Can the mercenaries hold off wave after wave? with many handaxes setting about and small island rocks rocks and boats that collapse if too many men get on board, this may be the most intense battle the first team to reach the goal of 25 frags wins.

not a bad idea cecil, the weapons howerver, would it be ok if they used the same animations (swinging and holding) aslong as the models were different?

woot ya thta would b a kickass idead noiceness

its nice but after i finish with the lost tower mod, which wont be for a lonnnnnnnnng time im not skinning for a long time.

also by the time that finishes if it ever does rune is going to be dead.

there is hardly any mappers who will work now and not much modelers and crap..

i think if we did this it would have to be small, aka not take on too much work, start small and add onto content, so like a few skins, a bunch of wepsand a couple maps

i model/map/skin and could maybe code if i bothered to learn but anyways i think the key to doing anything would be to start small, rune projects tend to take on too much and as a result ge abandoned

i still want to stick to the original swings and moves, just new models.

well, ive done some research on wikipedia some of the basic weapons:
Grosse messer (a german medium sword sort of like a european scimitar)
bastard sword/hand and a half (you know these..)
Zweihander/Bihander (swiss/german great sword)
round shield (take a viking shield and make it larger..)
kite shield (re paint the battle shield)
rapier (fast sword, used during the renaissance)
main gouche ( a small dueling dagger used as a dual wield with a rapier,but can also be used as a last resort)
flamberge ( a hidden sword in every map,legendary. because of the wavy blade, it gets through defences , ignoring shields.)
masamune (legendary blade, a sword built to destroy enemy armour in 1 blow)
anduril ( a evil blood thirsty zweihander wielded by the tillmaughnns it has very evil aura, yet is very powerful it takes 1 health awa every 5 secondsif its just lying there..)
excalibur (sword fabled to give the wielder magic)
durandal (the sword of roland,a great lord of normandy, fabled to be able to know its master,when thrown it comes must win this blade va finding it, or combat.)

there are to be 5 maps, the first three are given already.

all right! here are the last two maps after soem time of thinking and concideration..

The ambush
the crusades known as a failure in all well this takes place in a desert canyon, low on weapons and supplies the remaining crusaders must fend off the arabs. there wont be plenty weapons as they respawn slow and must wait and rely on soemone to die and take thier sword. its 5 to 8 on this one.

O wonderful city (a title full of irony..)
Jerusalem the blood bath that happened there.. a simple 4 sector town made of stone featuring some of the holy places like the wall of the jews the huge stone muhammad was on and the holy sepulcher. i expect to see a river of blood going through the mai streets and bodes littering the places, women chidren men and animal corpses all over this is a small map, meant for too many people, 12 people or more so not a whole lot of space.
and now heres a secret map
Tillmaughnn mansion
a large mansion ith a strange fog.. maiing it hard to see and find things complete with the grave yard, catacombs,sacrifice chamber and the grizzly murder scene.. this is where the anduril can be found.
the masnion is expected to be dark, with alot of looming gothic architecture, and is to be kinda warped looking.
( ex: the stair way kid twists, green fog in the house and not a whole lot of light..). it begins out as an investigation in 1783, many have dissapeared in there, so the royals send in soem british troops, and are horrified to find what lurks in.. large skeletal demons emerge from the darkness, and the trroops are trapped in a netherworld of hell, can they survive?can the mystery be unfolded?the catacombs themselves lead on deeper in the cold earth then you think

you are all insanely crazy when it comes to this kinda of stuff.

yeah cecil goes all out on his idea's lol

well i got a better storyline for the The siege map, i did some history research and saw soemthing abouta french noble practicing satanic stuff and murdering children ya.
the new goal this time can be a stealthy approach or an assault. make it through the catacombs of the castle and stop the french noble dude from murdering more people.

your ideas are pretty good and i gotta say im impressed with the research and whatnot

maybe ill have to try my hand at scripting in rune after having taken JavaProgramming for half a yr +

i gotta get back into the swing first tho

hmm yeah i get alot of my ideas from actual battles in history and from playing wolfenstein: enemy territory.
wish there was a way someone could script trebuchets or ballistas, maybe even canons.
wee just imagine fighting on a battlefield in rune with fucking huge arrows flying through the sky and shits blowing up near you
and i thiught of the zweihanders regular specal no runes required
i did soem study on the german school of swordsmanshp and saw about 3 wards/stances that are very similar to runes axe/sword stances

when pressing 'e' it wold go from
the sigurd axes style and moves and the sigurd axe stance shows me its Vom tag (meaning form roof)
and got to the plough stance in other words the dwarf worksword stance.
and the final is the most powerful
the zornhau strike. it can only do the first two strikes of the broadsword but do massive damage BUT swinging too recklessly can get you killed. i tried that in single player and just running dong the first two strikes of the broadsword is actually effective to npcs.

Well, ive officially started the maps section of this new MOD.
right now im working on DM-Hastings.

i like the age of kings theme for rune i believe the bow and flame arrows will be a big hit in this idea witch would mean bigger open maps with towers to shoot from maybe even a cross bow to be used with a shield?

Sounds good

i know just imainge that, it would fucking intense for the people in the melee down below!

Ihad idea about using the rune power bar as an energy tap the more you jump/attack/spin or crouch your bar will drain till it uses your health bar till you die of fatigue or refill a bit when you eat.

! i like the way you think m8!
its realistic, which is why i like?
they had venison rations n shit back then..
of course crouching is a very slow, relaxed pace, quiet too, good for sneaking on unsuspecting normans.
so i dont think crouching should take off, and jumping should take about like medium, and jump spinning should take alot.

hmm Im done with hastings. Storm Assault is next!