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Cecil's unique skin idea

well, in my own personal mythology im not the person hlding the sword, im the sword itself.
yup. Cecil is a sword. basically a dwarf work sword with a black hilt and black blade with a white edge.
has blue glowy runes on it and its spec is lighting that does no dmg yet when hits soemthing it does the vampiric effect.
and neat sounds.
like when swinging me, i let out an enthusiastic "WEEEEEEEEEEE!" when in bloodlust. and when picked up lets out an "feed me!". and if you cant do that, just make a sarkaxe with white horns blood red eyes black armor and dark grey bones and kill the orgasm he has when he lands.

haha nice

uh. it has to be a actual player model dude.. lol, leather ragnar, dark viking, karl. etc. one of those. not a weapon. also we cant make all this crazy armor and horns and crap because some models are just cheap flat surfaces with a 3d texture applied to it. So yea. i cant really do any of that. sorry man but if you request something more realistic such as. a playermodel and a skin type then i can work with ya.

o i shouild requst a skinns now that ig ots rune again

hmm it should be quite simple just open up the weapon in the editor and set the damage values, and reskin it.
things like..
set dwarfworksword drawscale 1.3,set dwarfworksword damage 65. only things different about (me as the sword) are the skin dmg size. but, yah if you just wanna doa skin take a sarkaxe make his armor black, spikes red hair blue and horns like really fuggin white. the burnt flesh should be aboot a good dark grey. eyes white.
the playermodel itself is playersarkaxe which is its summon name.