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Cecil's map thready

mmk where shall we begin
DM-Decent ( done )
this one is kinda like uhh a tomb that goes down and deeper underneath the ground and farther.. about 10 floors of mazes traps and mayhem! i even thought up a mini game for this one, say you make a special teleporter that takes you deep down to the bottom of the maze, where players who are sarks be the demons and the human be the humans and basically have warfare. meant to be dark , with many spots, or switches that when you step on summons a zombie or a goblin idk( renamed as ToHelandBack)

DM-Thermopylae ( done )
Sat would like this one, and its a pretty simple design too,if he feels up to it. make a red sandy beach with some mountains bordering it, with some of them weapons that sat is working scattered around.

Next > DM-Hellwood ( done, renamed as Dm-Rp-Towns )
a dark creepy ass forest at night time, with alot of looming willow trees and mountains, and at the center of this forest is a catacombs, alot of usage of the advinjarg texture there, some parts will be impassable in the cataombs with just millions of bones just blocking the path,
weapons will be scarce, and the map sets a stage for epic guerrilla warfare.
maybe alot of caverns in there too.

in this ffa map with plenty of eye candy, you begin in a traditional heaven like spawn room full of your weapons of choice.once you chose your weapon(s) in the center of the cloudy floor is a huge drop which lands you in a pool of blood in HELL. then you walk down a stairway of brimstone with lava riviers next to them, and basicaly hell is like an underground medievil city, with burnt house skeletons and a dark castle to lurk in.

its to my surprise no one made a amp that lets you actually walk INTO valhalla. with the traditional rainbow bridge and such you walk through the mighty gates to enter the dinner hall, to fill up on meat and mead, and some rooms that you can go in and claim for a rp element then theres the eleborate arena, and a stirway down to the mortal realm! walk through a simple forest trial to go to small town and wreak havoc on the mortals or help them. yipee!


a small forested town with a manor at the tap of a hill, the manor belonging to satros and his royal guards, Cecil,Thugg and Sythest. Venom being Sythest's ninja apprentice i guess
of course syth and venom get some damn bamboo hut in the forest. me living in a well that has a tunnel the leads to some dungeon like room. press the right pump in the right order and you open my door which is deceptivly skull shaped. tremble as you walk through the jaws of a giant skull-door.. my room has a bed.. a weapon collection.. and torture devices.
in the back of the manor there will be a graveyard, with a small crypt/mausoleum that has names of past WAR members. on there to dedicate them..
no statues it just adds lag. to keep track of the current roster in sat's room there will be like a scorboard thingy of the people in war.. so if anyone wants anyhting special in their room just speak up. ohh yeah a forest trail tht leads to some ruins were we can train and duke it out.

i guess thats enough for now, add suggestions whatever, tried to keep it simple and pretty basic.

ok those are all good maps for sure but what are they for the server?

they havent been made yet, they are just ideas.

PSH! in the WaR-Village i also wanna live somewhere! i hax to much to live on the streets

this post was made how long ago by cecil? oh april where is he kbye

He's doing stuff

yes im a very busy man.