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Cecil's Idea

ive been planning on a rune movie myself, its about after ragnarok is stopped, and the dark vikings have nothing to do.
well heres one scene i thought up:
Plot: a dark viking named "vladmir" and his friend a loki guard named 'Gunnar" are camping out in front of ol' thorstadt, to guard the entrance from the last raid of mild mannered odin fearing vikings, when all of a sudden they here a ruckus in the bushes and one sees a man in scale mail armour, with sigurd's axe, one says to the other
vladmir: oh shit man i just saw ragnar!
Gunnar: no way man hes in valhalla!
Vladmir: dude im not bull shitting you!
a ball of wendol shit flies through the air
both: holy shit!
Gunnar: ok i think im believing you now!
ragnar appears up behind them,and says
Ragnar: hi thar!!!
then ragnar strips down naked and jumps dwna cliff to seemingly plunge to his death
Gunnar : i think i just soiled my favourite pair of leather pants

anyways i think this idea is friggon kick ass, we could make a little series, a couple episodes ya know

i was thinking of some funny post-ragnarok dialog two badies wuld havedont have any solid dialog tho

"so what are u gunna do now? that loki has been defeated, we have no jobs"
maybe we could think of a funny job that completely dont fit too bad ass manly vikings..lemonade stand?

we could think of some good plots and also film the scene cecil thot of i think it wuld be funny

was also thinking of a bit where the 2 run into a gay viking they used to work with, you all know the one.. "your hair looks soooo soft boy!",eventually one of them could kick him in the face or sumthing"ENOUGH ABOUT MY HAIR" lol

anywyas, i think we should do cecil's idea first, the ragnar idea and see if we can expand it from there

what do u think about this cecil? i think your idea is gold hehe

woot cecil PWNS!

well yeep. i walways gots the good idea mmhmm just aska de cecil. hes always got soething a cooking up..
two sarks are sitting around valhalla ( dont ask) drinking a cup of mead, and one says to the other,
"how the hell did we end up here?
" ive no clue mayn"
"maybe we were like honourable"
odin walks up to the sarks
"why hello there! Jolly good day in great valhalla isnt it?"
both sarks reply: "yeep."
"guess what?" says the mighty odin
the two sarks joyfully skip out of valhalla and land in thorstadt.
"gee, that odin is a dick"
"tell me aboot mayn.."
mean while a dark viking and a loki guard run into the two sarks
vladmir: hoyl shit dudes run its ragnar!!!
Gunnar: ahhhhh!
gunnar suddenly falls down, with a timer axe in his back
a naked ragnar still wearing his helmet withdraws the axe
as ragnar sows how redneck he is, the three scootch off slowly into the wilderness soon to be molested and captured by goblins
the two sarks are taken further in the domain as vladmir is helplessly raped by numerous goblins, the sarks manage to escape and make it deeper in the earth than thought..
"well lookie here, keebma!"
what is it Sieg"
"its a statue of some sark axe-man, hes got black armour and a really purty sword.."
"oi were saved keebma!"
"why what is it!?"
"its Cecil's realm!"
the two go up to Cecil's door to be greated by a sark axe in black armour wearing a trucker hat that has 'Booty Hunter' written on the front.
Cecil: well Satros what ave we got here?
Sat: well looks like we got some of them self hating jews, lets kill em cecil!
Cecil: YEEEEE HAW!! let me get my 10-14 out you hold em up with the sks!
the two sarks are tied up to some chairs, with beer stein stuck in their mouths
Cecil: ok i got a noice punishment for these loki worshippers!
Satros: what would that be?
Cecil: come on strappy i got you some slightly burnt meat here!
a big black man, wearing a gimp suit comes up through the darkness, and lets out a retarded squeal of joy, meanwhile Thugg walks through the cellar door to ask wtf is going on..
Cecil: right o thugg this is not gonna be purty, lets ust leave these three love birds alone
the camera views out to the entrance to cecil's home, and in the background a horrifying shriek of 2 men being raped are heard*

heeh ill remmeber that ^^

ive already made scene two, go check it out.

post it all here cecil this is the vid idea thread

aye, copy that satros.
well first thing is first just make a cheap ass naked ragnar skin (please dont put a penis on thar.. like give him some gray thong..)
for scene two, the cecil skin is probably gonna be a black armoured sark axe it may have a pack of two skins to make one with no booty hunter logo and one with the booty hunter logo booty hunter logo should be uhh on the center of the chest, and sats doing his skin which will be in the scene.thugg already has a skin so yup good. the two sarks are basically one sark hammer and one sark sword, ( i want every charcter to look different) yee haw end of planning.
and uhh i ddi the update as the readme said and all but it didnt update to 1.08, idk it may have soemthing to do with the last part it opened the web browser and it showed a cant find site thingy