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Cecil skin

yeah my skin is going to be of the sark axe model. (playersarkaxe)
i want it to look like demonic, but angelic at the same time.
make the top plate, look like a black breastplate, with steel spiky pauldrons ( shoulderpads)
and make it look kinda shiny
all the armour should look black i want the skin to be grey coloured and the horns
very whiter than white, and cyan hair that has blood red highlights in it (its called highlights isnt it?)
i wants the eyes to like empty looking ( like michael myers empty )
and for sounds.. kill the orgasm when he lands..

can u use some references for the armor plz?

kinda like that, except black and shiny.

2 ez my boy syth could skin a donkey riding yo momma on a sunday afternoon

u sure u want it on the sark axe playermodel? it looks really weird that its some stick dude with some huge ass armor doesnt exactly look that good

uhh well me screenie on how funky it looks.
maybe sarkhammer with his fatness toned down a teensy bit?

Sounds pretty bad ass celci, i always thought it would be cool to skin like angel wings onto a player and make them move in a flying motion