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Castle Ideas Thread

nothing to serious yet but we mine as well get this started so when the town is finished n the map is 100000000000000000000kb we know what to put in the castle

ideas so far:

-rooms for all war clan members (and when i say rooms i mean somewhat mini apartments not just a square wth a bed)
-bathing room (large pool-like area with steaming water)
-arena (were we can have fighters rise up from underneath the arena and a nice balcony for the king to watch )
-banquet hall
-lage center hall (hall way with runes and a big foutain as well as some trees n grass shit)
-torture room
-secret pipe that leads from under the castle up into it
-throne room
but yeah.. we still need more damn this is gunna be a long d/l.. ill have to send the map to u guys when im done so u dont have to load

Oh and I can send you that bar brawl stuff I told ya before

Lucian wrote:
Oh and I can send you that bar brawl stuff I told ya before

? no motorcycles!

Satros wrote:
? no motorcycles!


no he means the omegus mod for chair throing plates barrals ex. . . . .

DUDE. Okay, i'm gonna walk you through this. Look above the posts where it says the time and date. If it says, for instance, Jun 19 2006, 10:27 AM, i'm pretty sure the topic has been over for a while. In this case he's talking about making a castle. I'm about 100% sure he's not going to do this anymore, judging by the date.