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Another Drawing

Here is a new drawing i did today.

Yes i made it all and colored. Please do not rip from me.

Here is an Updated Version :

you must really love naruto syth me boy

lol no i just like how they look

i like to mix them up and draw em!

very nice coloring

Very nicely done. I'm tempted to post some of the stuff I've done, but I'm too damn lazy to find them.

i just flat out black and white sketch/drawill post some things in the near future

nicely done syth

i make some of my own comic characters some times, you should see em' they are badass and brutal.

Synthest you have some crazy ass skills.

lol thanks man i love to draw and do gfx

lol woh is that kakashi and sasuke lol?

yeah sorta. lmao



it looks gay

but, its good =)

so your talking about yourself feel it? jk lol

nice drawing skills o.o looks nice *wishs for drawing skills pl0x *

Thats crazy sweet drawing.