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an idea i came up with

well ive been making a story for some time now and i thought id like to get you guys in on this.
a friend of mine thinks its pretty good, and he may use the idea for a badass video game with action somewhate close to RUNE's.

it takes place in many different times where the gods choose heroes who have special highlander blood and puts them in different times for them to meetand combat each other for the god's entertainment. (kinda like quake three)

Leon Reinhart
Home: 1256 A.D
weapon: Bastard sword and sheilds
ultimimate weapons name : Devil seeker
seen a man about 16 years of age, cerulean colored hair and usual wears a blue tunic with black chain mail underneath. he discovers a wormhole or a breach in time and then all hell breaks loose. his magic sword appears to have a blue hilt and a brokn blade but he can summona spirit blade at any time and glows red when evil is near.

Home: 1562
weapon: halberds,axes,two handed weapons
ultimate weapons name: Despair
Void of his humanity and cursed to hell by Cecil, sigurd seeks revenge against those who put the special 'cells' in him that wont let his soul go. usually seen wearing a black cloak to hide his monstrous form, a tall demon like skeleton wearing plate armor. as his special with the shapeshifting axe despair, he can turn into a cerberus esque demon but with the lower body of a bull, the top half of a horse, and kraken tentacles on his neck and a giant ksull in the middle of these tentacles for a head.

home: 1989
weapon:dual lugers,katana,assault rifles
ultimate weapons: deaths hand,murasame
usualy seen in grey trench coat and blonde slick hair. his swordsmanship and gunmanship as at equa making a deadly balanced combatant. death's hand, the best guna he can use, is the luger that Adolf Hitler shoots himself with prior to the end of World War Two. an always calm guy, that can turn into a silver werewolf at any time. hence his german name meaning 'White Wolf'

Demon God
Home: ???
weapon: Masamune
Ultimate weapon: ^
his time being unknown, but you know when he is near, always giving off a supernatural and cold presence. a master manipulator and more powerful than the antichrist. in fact he makes the anti christ look like mother teresa. he hides underneath a human guise ina grey cloak but has long wild blonde hair and a thin beard going with very unnatural blue eyes. his form always changes but his true from in this world is mere shadow and can dopplegang is said his true is that of a massive beast

Siegfried Volsung
Home: 1024 AD
Demi God/Highlander
weapon: two handed swords
ultimate weapon: Odin's Blade
usually seen wearing chain mail under a black tunic and black cape. with blonde long hair and blue eyes he is onw of the main heroes of the whole series and one of the most powerful, near death he summons the inner god within him and becomes immortal for awhile.
His sword is given to him by Tyr, the viking god of war and tells him of his duty, to slay the dark beast that corrupts the world (Belial..duh)

Fritz Volsung
Home: 1032 AD
weapon: most claws daggers and katanas.
ultimate weapon: kusanagi
Sieg's long lost brother who stepped through the portal first, been through the times as a roman gladiator,which toughened him up alot,was in north afrika along side general george patton and helped the allies in world war two,and goes to feudal japan and leanrs the art of ninjutsu and bushido, and helps the sun goddess Amaterasu and gives him the Kusanagi, a long lost sword that can match the power of Masamune.

Cecil Tillmann
Home: 1562
weapon: Zweihanders
ultimate weapon: Flammenschwert
he appears in many different ways but has the usually kinda grey bronze hair
in his home time he wears black platemail armor with the spiked helmets visor up.
and afterwards sending Sigurd to the hells via black magiche gets sucked in as well but througha abbysal portal which takes him to 2032 AD and gets his stylish black trenchcoat and black army clothing. His sword is a little more stronger than the masamune and can summon a torrent of flames. those who are not consumed with power who tried to grasp the blade where incinerated on the apot.(whoa..what a way to go..) and Cecil sit he only guy that can really use the huge sword the end he turns up saving the good guys (siegfried, leon and the guys) by distracting belial with a rain of bullets. (12mm pistol ammo to be exact)
all in all hes one of the bad asses that have no side whatsoever.(like weisseswulf, and they tend to make a good team)

[span style=\'color:#000000;background:#000000\']well if you wanna know the ending of this whole series, belial and all the guys have a showdown in the center of hell, and has 4 alt endings, if you use the legendary weapons in order
the ending will be Leon wakes up and dreamed everything
which my friend believed was the best ending[/span]

cool cecil, thats a pretty good idea

no beowulf?

btw where ya been man

hmm beowulf..guy that slayed a dragon right?

i remember eeing something about a beowulf and grendel movie. wonder if its out to rent.
and ive been around playing stoof like Deus Ex, badass first person shooter.

and i finally came up with those god's names:
Icarus, Daedalus and Helios

thanks for the web page link, thank odin for wikipedia, and happy easter btw