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a {{WaR}} village?

just make a simple village in a forest like valley with maybe some stuff you could add:
-House for every member of the clan, and if you have to, make them two story houses for 2 member a piece
- in the center of the village put like a simple coloseum, ya know pillars, sand floor, seats.
-a well in the middle of a wooded area, its an empty well but it is filled with a dungeon underneath
Brief description of teh well dungeon:
well trying to keep it simple, you land on a chain floor that when you look under, there seems to be masses of bones piled up, and looking forward a huge skull with a etching on the wall that says find the three runes in the area there should be three hidden rune that you find inside things like ribcages, holes in the walls etc,.
simply press the use button to activate the rune and the skull's mouth will open gaining you acces to the dungeon, basically a labyrinth where you must make like the prince of persia dodging pendulums rolling spikes and shit and at the end you are greeted with dozens of power runes hp runes and high tier weapons.
-maybe a forest mansion for satros, with a dirt path leading to it from the village it doesnt have to be big but to emphasize its size add a couple of tall inaccessable towers, so that all will know who owns this land, lord Satros andhis two loyal guards, Thugg and Cecil. i guess the masnion would have a back yard type thing with a small crypt with a wall that bears the names of the current {{WaR}} roster.

wutt im a loyal ninja therefor i get a whole map . i win at life. lol jk nice idea.

Why a mansion 4 satros?

because, satros is the leader of this club. im thinking aboot setting ym home deep in the well dungeon place thingyif i can talk satros into it.. yeah i see it now it would kinda look like lokis imprisonment ya know the big under ground towerflame jets all over the place * slobbers maybe a big etching on the wall that says soemthing like i am the way to eternal woe blah blah blah abandon all hope ye who enter here. hmm yup a torture room, with amny different ways to lock ppl up and kill them, like the swinging pendulum chamber, the classic crushed to death, and the flying spikes,and the flesh eating under wear gnomes

  • flesh eating under wear gnomes: subject will be locked up ina room with no windows, when button is psuhed room turns pitch black and subject can hear the gnomes coming to devour his flesh, leaving a mess of decapitated arms, heads and fragments of meat and such.

and sythest gets some dojo on a hill because hes a gay ninja.yeah.
thing is making a village should be smaller and simpler than castle, since the last war castle was kind of a failure

woot and i got a room filled wit comps wit forums as homepage o yAAA
p.s wtf cecil a club!!!!!!! wuts a club?!?
this is a clan/family SON@!!
no calling it club or swar will slap u 2 TIME

Gay ninja? im gonna slice yo head off hoe.


Venomblade wrote:
woot and i got a room filled wit comps wit forums as homepage o yAAA
p.s wtf cecil a club!!!!!!! wuts a club?!?
this is a clan/family SON@!!
no calling it club or swar will slap u 2 TIME

club is fine lol..better than guild or collective pool of mentally retarded crack addicts

i need to get into the clan b4 you guys start this stuff lol.

well im personally not a ninja person..and rune is more of a kightly/viking game so it kinda doesnt mix.
it like trying to put guns in rune it just fucks up the gameplay, so rune cant have people throwing smoke bombs and running away and infinite ninja stars and such.
and i guess a special guest house for people that got in the clan too late. could house up to 6 maybe.
so like a inn with a bedroom in the top.
hmmm guild clan club yee haw pool of crack addicts.
i say i should make a special soldier branch of {{WaR}}
called PSF.
PSF = Patrick swayze fighters. (roadhouse all over again saw that movie 4 times today.)
and i was thinking sat, in the iin why dont you make it like really destroyable, say cut down supports to make walkways collapse, table split in half upon being cut, breakin windows pieces of floor collapse in you know.

rune already has ninja's, smokebombs, guns, and anything else, lol, NINJA"S RULE AT LIFE!

lets see vikings get hot blondes beer and gt to kill people and go to heaven for it. wow vikings rule at life!

ninja's own the world, thats all there is to it

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