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WaR Warmer 2016

Come celebrate the best season of the year, SUMMER, by sitting inside and playing games on the internet with friends!

On July 23rd, we will be having a summer gaming event, spanning across multiple games!

Join us for:
Age of Empire 2
TableTop Simulator
Grand Theft Auto: V

and possibly:
Rocket League, Black Desert Online, Golf With Friends, Killing Floor 2, Rune: HOV

Here are some highlights from those games, so you know what to expect:PS: I'M THE KING!

Have fun, noobs. :)

Perhaps if I don't absolutely hate people after work, I'll stop by on TS.


..I'm in your forums,. be afraid.

I forgot it was my birthday and woke up on my floor at 5am with my stream still running. it was good times all! We will have to do this again next year (along with Canadian Halloween and Warmas).