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War Shirts Released

A few war attire has been made, more will come soon.

You can also choose the design on different shirts, such as girls shirts, hoodies, tanktops, whatever you want, just click on it

blod post:

umm yeah i like the Problem ? one i was going to get the grey hoody but damn check out wanted me to log in . . . .umm so douse war get the proseeds from selling these i wont buy any if you dont get nouthing from it

dont get anything just yet actually, im gunna make sure they are all good first

and yeah we get a few bux for each purchase which will go to war stuff for us (servers/contests/etc)

Oki Doki Duki. . .

YAYYY am so excited i wanna buy something!! :D I LOVE THEM GOOD JOB SAT.

edit: LOL they even have the option to put it on baby clothes!!! XD WaR babies ftw.


Next time i score some cash, I'm gonna get the trollface and the viking t-shirt.

Let us know when we can order up.

i want either the trollface or the manatee for a tank top and the war viking for a hoodie :D

Sat, tell me if the quality is ok, if they don't die if you wash them and if they last some time.
Cause I wanna buy a Viking WaR hoodie and a problem tshirt
Or a problem hoodie and a viking shirt xD

lemme do some fixing up on them this weekend, then ill order one and see :P

yay!! :D :D which one are you getting? :o

did youu ever order a shirt? cause i def want oneeeeee. lol.