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War Clan Presents: Kingdoms at War SMP

We have a new minecraft server!

Unlike our previous servers however this server will be public and we will be the people running it.
Our aim is to create a popular public server in minecraft. We will attempt to take donations each month to support the server.

The server's atmosphere and rules will be as follows:
Promote PVP and group warfare between players to bring about an engaging and fun server experience. It will be somewhat like how EVE online plays, the players make form powerful groups, take territory, etc, with little rules or guiding gameplay.

We will also have a few locations for creative purposes, so players may take a break and make something epic, in a protected zone that cannot be griefed. The rest will be anarchy, protect your cities, recruit followers, gain power, crush and burn the other groups that stand in your way.

Eventually we will initiate a plugin that protects a group's territory when they are not logged in, how ever when they are logged in they can be raided and their whole town may be destroyed (and subsequently if they log off while being raided to avoid being attacked they will be banned).

Anyways here is the website, please sign up there, we are hoping this project brings war clan a few new faces.

EDIT: Server is up now, connect to:

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