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I sort of accidentally the whole forum. I will fix, just be patient.

EDIT: I've reinstalled the forum, skin, and all plugins except for the shoutbox. I will fix that soon. Everything should now be back to normal though.

EDIT EDIT: Smilies are screwed up, but I will fix them after I get the shoutbox and pages working.

EDIT EDIT EDIT: Okay so that shoutbox turned out to be not a chill bro, and made me have to reinstall the forums from scratch 3 times. So I will install a different one instead.

EDIT x 4: The end is near! All I need is to add a shoutbox and gallery, I'll be done with forum edits for awhile. Things like smilies will come when I'm finished,

Dammit, bobby.

Bro, I think you should check your code.


TwoSlot wrote:
Bro, I think you should check your code.


Hell with that I'm wondering if I shouldn't just write the code for him.