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September 2015 Monthly News

Sup Salty Septs, it's your boy Satros here giving you your monthly War Clan data drop.

Yo how's coldstone?

Canadian Halloween is this month on September 18th! Join us on Teamspeak where we will be dressing up in poorly made makeshift costumes, consuming alchos, listening to the monster mash and playing some sp00ky games!

Latest Games:
This month we have been playing Rocket League, Some of us have also started playing Killing Floor 2.

Rocket League is basically Soccer with Cars. Its easy to learn and difficult to master, its simple and a lot of fun, and most of all a great game to play together as a clan.
Here is a gameplay video of people much better than us:

Killing Floor 2 is the sequel to the classic game Killing Floor. It's
still in early access so content is limited but its very promising so far. Killing Floor 1 was played heavily by WaR so Killing Floor 2 is likely to replace it since it's basically a more modern version of the original.
Here is a video of the gameplay:

That's what we have been up to lately. If you are interested in playing with us just pop in Teamspeak. We are in there most nights (sooner or later).

Yo i'm down for some KF2 for sure

GOnn be a reel spooky halloweenie man