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!!READ!! - Get Pidgin and make the clan more Active.

Pidgin is a universal im program. What that means is you can combine all your accounts (Xfire,MSN,AIM,etc) All in one mature looking buddy list. With this you people who are always on msn can talk to people on xfire, and vice-versa (you can also chose your display name for each messenger).
Its extremely customizeable and open source, so people can make plugins for it that do anything.

Basically this would be extremely beneficial for our clan, heres why.

  1. People in the clan don't talk to eachother because we are split between xfire/msn/(some on aim).
  2. Lots dont use xfire for a number of reason. So we don't know when other clanmates are playing games.
    The reasons people don't use xfire is because it doesn't look mature enough, or they just don't like how it looks, also they cant talk to other people because most people have MSN/AIM.

Pidgin is everything useful. You can make it look however you want. You can talk to all of your friends, across aim/msn/xfire on one buddy list. You can also add the xfire plugin so we know when eachother are playing games still.

So what I suggest you do:

  1. If you dont have an xfire account, get one, this way your clan members can tell when your on games, and you don't even need to use/download xfire.

  2. Then read my tutorial on everything you need to know about getting it and making it l33t:

This will help the clan get a lot more active if you do this.