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These are not implemented yet, but will be soon, people will be able to see these boards but not post on them/view topics

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Anything Goes [Anonymous] (15 Posts)

I think you should also put a 15 post requirement or so on "Making Bank"

whyyy? we dont even have anythreads there (yet ;) )

they need to learn our secrets kittie! plus if you make it free for everyone to see random guests can browse it and register with your refferal links

PFFT there is soo a thread there >=)

I would know, I posted it

YEAH, sat. >:[
Do not TEST the KITTIE!

What the hell i have over 15 posts and i cant enter the File Library thingy someone tell me why  :huh:

yeah its actually 100 posts

Satros wrote:
yeah its actually 100 posts

what the hell i have 50 posts now and i can enter  :huh:

btw dont change it to 100 plz ^^