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Plans and Updates

Well most of war doesnt know that the forums have moved, so if they ask please tell them the new link.

Right now the forum status = slow, as jedi once said, well im hoping to change that and get everyone involved again, right now im waiting for someone to rip the forum skin i want, oncethis happens hopefully the forums will feel more War-ish again.

All mods and cool things i can add to these forums must be applied to the skin, which is why i havn't added anything really yet, im waiting for the skin to be ripped, if it isnt ripped by december (15 days) im just going to buy it.

Once this is done however (and i get finals over) here is some of the things i will be adding:
* youtube,metacafe,myspace,goodlevideo bbcodes (to embed them into posts)

  • bbcode for a flashplayer that plays mp3 links when you hit play

  • arcade!

  • shoutbox/chat(faster,better,stronger kind) uptop

  • extra profile feilds (myspace,facebook,xfire,wii,xbl,ps3,youtube,etc)

  • karma system

  • xboxlive tag (if you have one) displayed under avatar somewhere

  • awards system

  • +MOAR


in addition to this ill be adding a number of service websites.
please give me feedback on these ideas

WaR Image Host - (finished "w-Image" - )
WaR Proxy
WaR Search

these 4 would be easy to make and useful, they would also generate ad revenue for the clan if you guys would use them instead of other stuff :)

right now we make about 1-3 bux a month off ads, this isnt really enough money for the clan to do anything right now
however if we put 3 ads on the forum(in non annoying areas) we could triple this, making roughly 3-9 dollars a month, if we combined this with a download system for rune files, and someone helped me run it and got the rune community behind it, putting 3 ads on each page would also increase by alot, if you guys use war image uploads ( for your uploading (not necessarily the kind of pics you put on photobucket where you have albums of your friends and fmaily, but more for random pictures, stuff you made, etc) we could earn even more, if instead of google you guys set a link to (if we make it, which will just be a custom google search so you will get the same results) we could earn even MOAR,and the proxy site could be useful for people in school who want to go on myspace or youtube or whatever.

the point is, by adding all these services we could earn the clan an amount of money each month which is suitable enoguh for us to actually do something with it (get servers, have give-away contests, etc), we could greatly increase the money the clan has with all of your help if i decide to make these services availiable. (because right now i dont think we can do anything at all with the 11 dollars weve earned over the last 9 MONTHS) lmao.

anyways, give me feed back, peace.


i like everythin so far.

quick reply needs to come back too.

i can't really think of anything else

yeah quick reply will be back, i just gotta install it :P

Goodddy!!  ;)

quick reply works again