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On this day, Grigothy rose from his eternal slumber and saw his shadow. You know what that means. The season of Warmas is over and now it's time for Quasover!

Join us on Friday, 4/20 to usher in the new season!

For anyone who might not be aware, we switched from Slack to Discord for messaging and that is now our primary way to communicating (along with Teamspeak 3 which we are still using for voice). We switched because Discord allows us to invite people more easily and has more features than Slack. Here is an invite link to join:

Main Events:
Wreckfest - War Clan Derby
Dragonball FighterZ - 3v3 Fights
Darwin Project - War Clan Hunger Games
Rune - ERP Battles

Other Possible Games:

Golf With Your Friends
Killing Floor 2
Tabletop Simulator