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New Theme

im gunna change the theme, not sure which one but ill be testing some out you can give me feedback on this thread if you want

ive decided on "blackbox", only im gunna spruce it up so its cool and not gay

this is gunna be the new theme (BlackBox) only with the new version (this is the old one, so it will look better, only right now the forums are having trouble updating so i set it back for now)

this is not how forums will look, im gunna make many adjustments to this skin so yeah, dont bitch at me, cause this isnt the final product

i also want to note that the reason for this change was because the old theme was generating a shitload of errors which was making things slow

the things i plan on editing on this board include:
-changing styles of topic order and colors and boldness
-making the new/no new posts symbols on the board index centered in their boxes (comes with the update if i ever get it to work and new symbols)


and color, just not gunna do much to it right now cause once im able to update we will have the new version of this theme so id have to do it all over again

kay :]

this is what it will look like once the forums get updated

slight differences that make it nicer