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New Forums!

The forums have been switched to a new type and many of the categories and forum topics have changed or been reorganized.

With this switch you may find that many of your signatures are not working. Flash signatures will no longer work for now.

Also many of you will find that your avatars need to be reuploaded. In addition embeded youtube codes may not work for a few days, this will be fixed soon.

I will try my best to install updates everyday(for it is much easier to mod than the old forums) such as new mods, small updates, etc. i will keep a log of the updates in the news.

also a few notes: this skin is temporary, we will be using this one <- (Select Warzone)
with some modifications.

Kay, cool new forums we got har.

thanks, they load super fast too which i like

still have a lot of work to turn it into "home" though..

im sure everyone would be willing to help :]

whats up u bishass motha fuckas new forum looks good



thee original!, one and only!

had a good chat with him yesterday