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Mount and Blade: Warband on sale today!

Mount and Blade: Warband is on sale today for the low price of $7 (Usually $30). I HIGHLY suggest you pick it up if you don't already own it. It is a lot of fun and a ton of us in WaR have it already.

It plays somewhat similar to Rune:HOV with a lot more weapons and horses.

We usually will join a server and mess around, getting big hammers and no armor and then we all hide in a small shed or something waiting for a passer by. Or we will get big shields and form a spartan phalanx on a porch somewhere. It hilarious, so if we had even more people to do that with it would be even better.

People who have it: Myself, Wicked, Cecil, AmbulanceParty, Knight, TheFinisher, CJ_Guns, bPORR, ThuGG, Murd, Jedi

Buy it here: ($7)

I already have it too.

MurD wrote:
I already have it too.

Right forgot, added you.

I played a bit today with Krazyfuka from rune (COV). Was a lot of fun.

Also all of a sudden i'm good at it, I was getting kills left and right. Although it might just be cause a lot of scrubs got it during the steam sale today.