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Merry Warmas!

Merry Warmas to everyone!

I hope everyone has a happy and relaxing holiday.
Expect news on an upcoming WaR event soon!

(Also Happy Warnukkah to Jedikilla1  :troll:)

Jedi is a j00?


TheFinisher wrote:
Jedi is a j00?

Isn't it obvious?

o___O what

Kar wrote:
o___O what


much better.

He even has his boy boots on.

lmao and he looks so cute in his sailor suit

Bitches don't know about my Krampus.

( Krampus is a imp thing in servitude to St.Nicholaus ( i think ) but Krampus basically is there to scare the shit out of kids and make them be good. ( it's a german thing. ) )