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Mega Summer Steam Sale till July 4th!

DAILY DEALS: (highlights)
TODAY: July 1st - Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for $3, Bioshock for $5, Dragon Age $23(per game/expansion)

June 30th - [s]Left 4 Dead for $6, Torchlight for $5, Mass Effect 2 for $23, Red Orchestra for $2[/s]
June 29th - [s]Team Fortress 2 for $6 GTA IV for $5 Osmos for $2 Street Fighter IV for $10[/s]
June 27th - [s]Half-Life for $2[/s]
June 26th - [s]Left 4 Dead 2 for $10[/s]
June 24th - [s]Killing Floor for $5,  Counterstrike Source for $6.80[/s]

Killing-Floor: $10
Counter-Strike Source: $13
Half-Life 2: $6
Team-Fortress 2: $13
Left 4 Dead: $13
Left 4 Dead 2: $20
All Unreal Tournament Games Pack: $20
Atari: 80 Classics in One: $5 (includes games such as Crystal Castles and Lunar Lander)
All Call of Duty Games Pack: $30 (does not include MW2)
id Super Pack: $35 (includes games like doom, wolfenstein, quake, and more)
Guild Wars Prophecies: $13
Guild Wars Trilogy: $26

Global Agenda goes free to play (used to be subscription based), currently at $27, this might be a fun game, if people in war can run it. I'm going to wait though because it might go on sale for a day and be even cheaper.

Be generous, consider gifting a copy of a good game to an active war member who may not have the money or a credit/debit card.
(because everyone in war is 12 and has no money)

Updated for noteworthy June 29th sales, Seriously consider getting TF2 today, its a whole lot of fun but only a few of us have it and its deffinatly worth your $6


Le Update.