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Killing Floor Summer event is out!

EDIT: Picture related.

Just spreading the word, if you got KF log on steam and update it.

It adds new content similar to the Winter event before, just with summer shit.

Complete like 10 outta the 13 new achievements and you'll unlock the Steampunk Mr.Foster skin. :datass:

Also KF is a fun game, if you don't have it, it's usually like $20, nab it if you got dosh just laying about.

Also a protip on the summer camp steam event

There's a steampunk character pack for KF that costs three tickets, and there's a real easy way to get three tickets..

If you haven't already, register your Steam account with your Facebook. That's one ticket.

Join the summer camp group, which nets you one ticket.

Then get on TF2, and get caught on fire and jump in the water to douse yourself out, which will get you one ticket. This is best done on CP_Wells map.

What if I don't have a FB? Got another quick way to get a ticket?

Post a comment on someone's steam, or recommend a game