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Just some thoughts/ideas trying to get down

Ok its the end of the month, once i finish this last midterm tuesday im gunna be doing some major shit yamean?

heres just some thoughts for our future.

im gunna create a net for war basically
before we start we should define a blog: its basically a series of linear posts about news in a subject, such as news or whatever
* First there will be our main website, which will basically just be a blog with a lot of side links and features such as a gallery. This blog will just be an import of posts from important posts on the website, and other posts in war's net.

  • Second the forums will be decked out and epic, this is gunna be my first priority when we switch to a new host that WORKS.

  • Third im gunna make a blog for all things random to help get new members and followings

  • Fourth im gunna reskin the img uploader to make it sexy and also the bugs with it will be fixed.

  • Fifth im gunna make a few easy websites for stuff like mycattle that can easily be updated on news and such via blog or something.

  • Lastly im gunna give any member who asks thier own webspace, etc

  • Id also like to see some more war videos, even if theyre simple or retarded or something, send them to me and i will add them to war's account


then war will be leet and we can persue new shit, like getting new members, playing more games, etc (via summer comming)


i want a digital portfolio of all my stuff on it. I'll have a nice sexy one all done by the end of this year.

  • i'll keep an update of contests going on around the country/states (hopefully if im not to busy with my job and with the help of my tech instructor) :3

i could probably upload the vids of me and my brother blowing shit up with napalm.
oh and don't bother about asking my bro to join the clan yet, hes in iraq.

aslong as your blowing up bees/tor clan

Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh k!