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Happy 4th of July War Clan

Happy 4th of July War!

Edit: No longer relevant.
**[s]Today is also the last day of steam sales: this means if you don't have the games for the WaR event now is the best day to get them all cheap.

I repeat:


Prices for games we will be playing during the event is as follows:
(First 2 are most important)
Unreal Tournament 2004 - $7 -
Team Fortress 2 - $13 -
Counter Strike Source - $13 -
Killing Floor - $5 -
Rune - Free(I will post a dl link)

Today you can get these 4 great games for a total price of $38, and most of you have one or two of these games already so it won't come out to that much. The most important of the two are UT2004 and TF2, so if anything just pick up those.

Normally these 4 would go for a combined total of $74, so you really need to buy today.

I am also going to gift some copies, but don't count on getting one.[/s]**

got em all :3

Nice, although I feel like this event is going to be just you me and mini lol close enough.
I'm gifiting tf2 and ut2k4 to thugg. I'm gifting ut2k4 to zaifos. I might to jedi and cecil as well, but maybe not.

So far I've bought Half life 2, Mad balls in Babo Invasion (4 pack) (the remaining 3 copies gifted to people who win stuff in the war events), Unreal Tournament 2004, Global Agenda

I'm hoping finisher and knight get/have ut2k4 and tf2, since they are old like us and most likely can spend 13/7 dollars on a game. Lol but that might be a long shot.

Brandon has completed his Steamadex.

I have all of these games besides Rune, brah. We're in good shape.  :bank:

I have them all as well.
It's a good thing my girlfriend loves Unreal Tournament 2004 and let me use it for a while.

Nice! Things are looking hopeful

UT will be fun, and I can't wait to class troll people in TF2 with a big group (for example we all go spy and go invisible, or all go medic and just have a massive heal chain, the other team will be confused  :troll:

Ok well I have 4 extra copies of ut2k4 and 1 extra copy of TF2, I will gift them to people when I return from hawaii.

gift me something :3

No you arnt in WaR


but i need a game :((

no dont waste any money on sadosi cuz as soon as he installs the game hes gonna be sayin over and over THIS GAME SUCKS SOOOOO BAD I HATE THIS GAME ITS POINTLESS CUZ IT AINT GOT ZOMBIES OR A STORY WHY DOES THIS GAME SUCK SO MUCH? waste of money brah

Steve like fucking call Valve and get them to make UT2K4 available with Steamplay  :jamieh:

why cant u just like load windows? lol

TwoSlot wrote:
Steve like fucking call Valve and get them to make UT2K4 available with Steamplay  :jamieh:

Lol well gabe newell (valve creator) does always answer his email(redditors always email him random stuff) ill work on that.

Also if your gonna order it for mac you best do it soon cause we will probably have the event the weekend of the 17th