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DM-ToHelAndBackREDUX - Released!

HAI HAI HAI, i released me a neu map to the public.
As yall can guess its a remake of my first map, and this one doesn't suck. It's actually rather Erotic to me.
You can download it from, as soon as Satros approves it.

^ Epic fight with the Tormentor!

^ looks like this fellow put up a fight before he died.

^ LOL he got ate

that makes me want to play R again thats Bdass

cha cecil it looks fucking SIICKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK


ima hit you up soon when i get a day off so we can play
you better be ready

Imma working on FinalLegend REDUX right now.

^ The new Tower of Terror, it truely is the tall looming and dark structure it was meant to be. I'll later add some glowing red windows and shit.

^ The city of Valachia in flames, You start there surrounded by Zombies and all manner of unholy beasts. Now that's an action packed beginning.

I've also got some better ideas on the dungeon construction, instead of placing the dungeon inside where it's supposed to be, im gonna put teleporters at the entrances that take you to the corresponding dungeon.

Also a wealth of unique items are to be found there.

hey cecil upload here:

im working on it still, needs a skin and whatnot and a lot of uploads but i need some uploads to test it, ill make you an admin there too