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Banning/Spamming Notice.

Anyone posting spam (aka completely unnecessary comments on topic but do not further the conversation) such as

will be baned for 5 days, if this happens twice you will be banned for a month.

In addition to this double posts of this nature will also be deleted.

Double posting is only allowed if:
Sufficient time has past since the last post was made (IE 1 week)
You have some good content to post to a thread.

Otherwise don't do it, or you will be banned.

so i accidently said some co-ords on the public chat and then i tried to spam it out (so as not to get my ass kicked by the people i was about to raid) and as i was spamming i got banned from the server :/  is this a perma ban or a semi ban. also im pretty sure that on the rule wall at spawn,  there was nothing about chat spam.  so yeah just get back to me on that?  :rage:.

  1. This is not the Kingdom-SMP forum.
  2. Ban repeal for the server is at

SatrosWaR wrote:

Server Rules and Punishments are as follows:****

Rules for Players:
1. DO NOT log out while being chased or during pvp combat
[list][]2 day server ban[/list]
2. DO NOT use client modifications, exploits, hacks, or texture packs that provide an unfair advantage. This means you will be permanently banned for using flymod, speedhacks, teleportation, exploits, xray or transparent texture packs, etc. Minimap mod and better chat are allowed.
]Permanent server ban (Can be disputed on the forum and repealed)[/list]
*3. DO NOT spam chat, this includes excess whining in chat.
]2 day server ban

[*]Permanent server ban (If it is hardcore spam)[/list]

  1. I unbanned you, don't spam.

fwew awesome thanks man.    and as always  :megusta: ME GUSTA