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Wanna Join you!

Hi Hi , im writting here because i want to join war =P , i know some of u, and i like play with u ..
my friend thugg tell me to post here ,
some information about me :
name: Pablo , in game [Feel-iT] i was Pablitox some months ago , im from Uruguay, my msn is , or maybe ,

Well , i think thats all, see you in game!!

cool man, welcome to our forums XD

after you make 50 posts on our forums we will vote to let you in war, the 50 post rule is there so we can get to know you and so that you get in the habit of visiting the forums now and then

anyways welcome cya in game

thugg tell me something about the 50 posts, its ok ..
i will do it , see you

glad u decided to join man ANd welcome
p.s lol i dind't know feel-it was P4blitox lol ^^

Hello, i saw u awhile back on rune. it was fun, welcome to the forums.

can u feeeeeeeeeeeeel it ?

yes im pablitox but, this is a secret shh

  • i can feel it and you syth ??

hellz yeah, i'm always feeeeeeeeeling it. lmao

ninjas always feel it

=P, lets talk about something i need post more


venom, are u playing rune?? or u leave it ? lol , a lot of time without see u , which servers do u usually go ?

Sorry about my english ^^

nah me and my bro (venom) still play everyonce in a while.i just need to fix up my comp cuz his is a piece of shit..supposed to get some parts from my friend but he's a dumbass and keeps forgetting

yep feel it im on all the time
well only on the weekends lol
but friday saturday and saturday go on dragonmight arena or rey or taw servers ill b there

Ok, saturday and saturday ? lol
taw is off :@ , and throne of fury is tdm :S
wtf, there arent good arenas ..
just dmi but nobody goes there,

aww reallly? geh
k dmi i guess

i think i a few days taw will be on again
but.. not sure

im training tdm now, i was really bad with axe and hammer
but i think im getting better

ah nice


dude i never saw you in the game1!!

LOL what si your name?!?!

well talk to you later goodluck joining!

wtf are u talking man
im in war..
k gf
sat delete old join topics ..