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*A Little About War:*
-War is a creative and fun clan we play rune together as a group because we enjoy eachothers company ingame and liek to have fun together, we are not a serious fighting clan. If you are in war u may be in other clans at the same time. we are like a club or family and everyone is freinds, everyone knows eachother and feels like a part of the famiy. DMI, COV, REY or anyother clan maybe be our job and our freinds but WAR will always be our family no matter what other clans you are in.

*To Join War:*
-no tryout or fighting skills is needed to join war, if you would like to join hang around our forums and server or about a week or two and get to know the people in war

*Voting Process:*
-Joining WaR takes alot of activity and work.It can take anywhere from 2 weeks-2 mounths to join War. Just be patient, this is our way of knowing how active you will be and if you are going to be commited to the clan.

-once we feel like you feel like a part of our family, we will vote you in. War Members can vote either:

Yes,i know he/she and they should be accepted into war
No,i know he/she and they should not be accepted into war
*I do not know this person and have not met them yet

-You atleast 10 members must vote on you before the decision is made. 3 or more No votes results in being denied. 6 or more i dont know so and so votes also results in being denied.

-so the more members u make freinds with the better your chances
this is important because there are no strangers in war, everyone should know eachother and feel like there siblings to one another

*Our policy:*
-Everyone can join war regardless of age as long as u are mature and respectful of others (dont fight(verbaly) with people and dont start shit)
-We do not accept temoprary members or clan hoppers, do not join war if u plan on playing with us for a week and then disappearing for mounths or if u plan to join some other clan n leave war, theres not reason to leave war for another clan unless there is a fight between the clan and a member. Being in war means playing with us and playing with us on regular ocasions

*Comming Back:*
Some people do not need to go through the process above, these are people who used to be in war befor our death and rebirth these people are:

Jose (aka lost boy)

strikeout=already in war

-If u were inactive from war and would like to comeback jsut post and we will take u out of inactivity.



[Once youve read this entire post and understand our policies, post that uve read and understand this on your want to join post, if u fail to write this your application will be ignored.]

Thank you for your time.