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Ping into war Clan




I would like to be in war because i am random!

alallalallalallalallalallallll! says xena

and YER! likes his power!

and u all want the pingage i know u do!!!

lol GG

and if there is a tryout.. GF

your dead already..

I win!



Ping you are definately random material seeing how you are always using random fake nicks i think it would be awesome for you in war!.First of all there is no tryout required,Just stick around and try to get 50 posts so we can get to know you better,and begin voting.And like i always tell the new recruits,Asians like me are law,and the blacks are inferior to everybody.Well good luck on your application and i hope to see you in game.Peace.

AH HA YOUR XENA.hi ping welcome to tha war spot try to stick around and get up to 50 posts and we'll vote for you if ya got any questions feel free to RUA or ask anyone

tric stfu u haven't been in war long enuff to say that many words GOdie
KHI Ping welcome it is I VeMONblade welcome get to know people, post around and we'll vote you in when the time comes. oh we fought? kbye gg,gf close you got me on that last fight

Good luck getting into WaR.

venom thinks hes the most important person in the world!
i dk..
and triclone always wants more and more,k i understand me
fu all and good luck ping

lol feelmy boy Venom J. Blade is the most important person in the world, without him there would be like no randomness at all here

50 posts.. awwww.. sounds like a lot of work. any chance i can get around this stipulation



well anywaz i was thinking about starting a clan myself

clan {{RAW}}

Cause vb told me that is just the way satros likes it!

ooh YAAA

LOLOLOL GOOD luck man cya