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[=$nAkE EyE$=] welcome all ;)

ok this is [=$nAkE EyE$=] is online always or maybe u know XmAn-Gha$$aNi'd like to join this clan ..i know alot of its members by name and i would like to know them more and more ..and this is the 1st post to me ..and remember ..the 50's posts will come soon ..and yeah vote for me, lol

damn, i have seen u before bt with the other name, and we played in dma like 15 minutes ago,
i think u are a bitch, and u are gay, but it isnt a problem, most ppl of war is gay, like sat, venom, murd, static girl. [?]
good luck boy

kool that u still remember that we played for more than 15 mins

ok i'll begin to send everyday a post on this fourm till i reach the last number which is 50 ..and then ..maybe as usual i'll not gonna post after u vote it deal, lol

anywayzzz ..iam new in this game playing it for only 2 months ..and i think i reached a good level in playing ..and i hope someday to be like u and other ppl of more experiance

ok tc gay, lol

dont worry about that,
war isnt a war clan.
we dont recluit ppl because they?re good players, we recluit good people, funny, crazy, bitches
u know, things like thugg.
we should change our name to LOVE, lol
or maybe PEACE
but anyways war goes to some tourneys.
im not very informated of this but , i know that some of us are going to go.

keep up posting after u finish 50, the 50 is to get u used to the forums and so every1 gets to know u, after that tho u dont need to psot as much, jsut try to make a few posts atleast once time week and we will be good

anyways welcome to the forums, u seem liek a cool dude

Welcome man, nice to see ya interested.

And Sat, remember [[PEaCE]]?

yoo snake eyes wassup im glad ya decided to come over to tha war side well good luck with ur 50 posts and hopefully in the future you'll get ur pertiful {{WaR}} tags

gbjr u bitch lol
i no gehh

wait wtf no way snake eyes 2 months?? ur great for that amount of time.
and btw Feel- it the word is "recruit" =p

fu venom
k ty now i know it
hey fucker i miss u
i have been lesbianed yesterday ,. i was going to have my tryout but hicks never appear

lol i thought sat was supposed to set up ur tryout

yo sup man good luck to ya sweet sig.

Hey welcome to the forums,but im glad im not in not in Feel's bitch list.


im number 1 in every's list. especially thugg, u suck.

venom u are the 1st in gays list

lol lies.

i know i suck and i dont have a list for anything soya

took the words right outta mah mouth.

i know i suck and i dont have a list for anything soya
took the words right outta mah mouth.

you suck? cool.. wanna meet up later?