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My name is Triclone

Triclone wrote:

look!!! im recognized for my mad uber skillz

idc i dont like

omg so badass!
sup sos

Hey i played with Synthest and Thugg Yesterday!Synthest kicks ass,Thugg waited for his whole team to to die and tried to look badass fighting 3 or 4 guys at once.Very cool playing with you guys.

lmao i totally spazzed out over the head

hi hi ,
well i just post to say " good luck " =)
cya around

lawl thuggs gankster.

ok so am i in or what?Dont mean to be impatient but i got a pm thingy from Satros saying your all done voting but does that mean i can put the WaR tag on me or do i wait until the final yes.

hm i will check
and btw do you have msn??
or aim?

nah myspace

lol no its tricorn loll

kg thats really getting old.