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My name is Stollin

Thanks But i do have a question what games do you guys play besides rune?

um if u have xbox or 360 some of us go on live alot

i should be getting a 360 hear pretty soon do you guys play guild wars? Or anything else?

k cool
and nope no gw my computer cant run it lol
it can barely run rune

Sat used to play GW, dunno about now. I play Red Orchestra, if you've ever heard of it, and Warcraft 3 and StarCraft sometimes. We also for like a week had a Planetside squad, but that fell through.

battlefield 2, rune, and other stuff.

so yeah how is everyone i am not sure on what else to say/ talk about. so yeah.


oh hush, you.

Stollin, the best way to get used to this clan is read a couple threads, pick up on how we talk, and start shouting "RACIST!" at random people, impregnating the women, becoming gangster, and turning black if at all possible. And that's the clan in a nutshell.

very well put bhaal ^^

okay then Racist!! My chain is 2 inches from the floor!!! lol, is that ganster enough for you! lol

omg i love this guy hes so gangster

That is beautiful. Stollin, I can already tell you're going to be an excellent member of the clan.

howdy kicks stollin in the bawlz

skating and video gaming eh?? good man/thing..same here

fury. why would you do that thats not nice damn you,lol. but yeah, so thugg, your song on the picture of stewie is stuck in my head!!! god well, I heart CHAINS!!!! lol

lol thats how fury greets people, he likes to feel peoples balls with his foot

pshhh my chain is so long it drags on the floor when i walk, so beat that sucka

pah. Syth, my chains are so long I have to have people walk dozens of feet behind me, making sure they don't get caught on anything.

Well my chain is so long i can be on top of mt. everest all the way down to the bottom and still have a lot of slack now what!!!lol

haha you guys ever seen scary movie 4?

rember the part where the black guys are running and the huge robot blast them into smoke and all their chains and rings fall to the ground lol

anyhow * blows up world * no more chains i guess unless they are still floating around in space, lol some aliens find them and turn into gangsters that would be sick! they are like, whats up hoe, ill shank you. and they like blast each other with laser guns