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My Application :)

pssh H3 is a shitty tor guild.

Darth wrote:
Seraphim, Hammers 3lite hasn't been alive since i was in and that was ages ago, and lagnar is in 1.01 and he don't care bout hov. sry to say, and goutmog ak.a Hades from sweden that is suppose to lead h3 dosnt wear his tag or give a crap bout it, so ye its dead

all hail WaR

i kinda already knew that but, H3 did have a new member for a temporarily short time but now that he has stepped down too and all the memebers i knew not in it anymore H3 is no longer alive in my respects, dispite it still having active members

Well i thiink you'll enjoy WaR :]

I know Kar will enjoy you! :D


kar? o.o?? who/what is that lol

try visiting another topic and you may find out :P

Satros wrote:
try visiting another topic and you may find out :P

but but then i have to read more  :huh: quiver lol j/k :P maybe tommrow

um i saw lagnar on hov today, and its not dead theres frozn gould triclone vb me jik hades

still a shitty tor guild. like, wtf is the point of it? to have another tag in your name?

i am considering leaving but its more of a memory tag :)