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MurDs in the house!

Hey guys! som of u remember me i hope i was in the clan SU but the leader messed it up so i now i im looking for a good organized clan to join and u guys r the 1! i hope u guys will accept ill get to know u guys in the game. well i hope to see u

hey murderer! welcome to the forums, stick around n get to know us better and we will vote u in in a week or two (maybe a bit longer cus we have alot of applications right now but we will try to get to u fast as possible)


k thx for the info

hmmm. hey Sat u said 1-2 weeks or a lil bit longer.. hmm it been like 3-4 months i tihkn. lol either i wasnt voted in and i dont no about it or u forgot about me rofl

and ik some of the clan stopped playing rune but if possible can i still join?

sure, i think youve proven yourself loyal, jsut stick around and rmeber to psot on forums(some people get accepted and then jsut leave), im hoping i can get the clan back on rune some time, even if its only for a night, anywyas u can add war to ur name now, consider urself a memb XD


w00t lol thx sat and u venom


Yeah Murd! Congratulations! Hope to play against you in something eventually.

if u hav xbox live nad halo 2 u can fight me there cuz im getting xbox live soon or u can fight me in rune lol

k i got both.