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W@R(DkC) wrote:
lol you yanks so old school you still use imperial for measurements instead of metric you still build big v8 motor cars and fuel is so expensive so come on girl get with the times ;)

you just can't stand the . .heat!!!! go sit in your little ice box you panssy hate to see you on on a real hot day

LMFAO, that would suckrar to the max

lol osidious i seen your picture and you call me a pansy lmao

you gotta have a sense of humour, osidious do you live in the desert or something

i wasnt yank bashing you sound offended lmao

hey i would like to join if it helps i know murderer and jedi in real life. murds the one who said i should try to join the war clan my xbox live tag is Xflam3assassinX

read this thread and then make a new thread

also u should get a better user name then "ted" i can change it for you if you want

welcome ted

ya could you change it to flame

I like the name ted.