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Joining War!!

Hey guys! ive been searching clansetc etcthis clan is the bestno previous clans
You guys seem pretty organized and i like organized!
Even tho i just switched over from Rune 1.00 I never found a decent clan there
So far War seems to be the best at this time unless a new one comes or something
Even tho Im more of a mapper i can hold my own i have my days like most people.
But anyways
Ill be hangin around in the War TRracing serv it seems to always have people there

hey man welcome to the forums. Stick around n get to know our members and we will vote u in in about a week or so.

some things u shuld know about war:

we arnt really a fighting clan but a group of players that play together most of the time, were like a family, no fighting skil lis required to join u just gotta be a cool person and we gotta like u, theres no strangers in war so when u feel like part of the group we will vote u in. We allow u to be in more than 1 clan we think of it was War is more like a family where CoV n Rey N DMI are our jobs/freinds .

Neways gl cya around

thanks 4 the info.i'll be hanging around the war servers they always got some1 in em.ill be online or mapping unless i said id be on vacation or somethingso ty for the gl tho i might need it!

Hey Zaifos! Nice to see you at the forums!
Even though I've not been here. >.<