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Joining the WaR community sounds great =]

Username/InGameName: Arthex
Games: Rune, TF2, ZPS, PVK II, CSS, SF, Kal
Systems: Computer only heh

I know I have been infamous for quite a while, perhaps some of you don't know me but I doubt it. Anyway I have put all the "emo" behind me and joining a badass community would be a commendable endeavor

Yeaa, I wish I wouldn't know you

yo arthex im sorry dude but youve already been turned down like 14 times already man even tho i say we should give you a chance i doubt satros would even think about letting you join sosorry dude whatever you did in the past screwed you up big time

He's like fucking Paddington Bear.

Um dude I talked to Satros on msn and he said I can go ahead and apply again

Past troubles??

I'm skeptical now

ok do you realize how much can change between 15 years old to 17 which I am now?
lol a lot, and do you think it is fair for the past to ruin my part in the Rune community?

Oh and if you are wondering what happened in the past
Back in 2005 (I think it was) on the CoV forum board I applied to join, and you gotta keep in mind I was stupid when I was 15 I was leader of a clan called {VK} and they denied me and everyone started laughing and pointing so I got pissed and changed my name to try again. Thats the gist, everything else was just a continuous period of time where people were all disowning me from the community and I got a bad rep. Where as to now, I have been in the Rune community for a while and still haven't gotten the chance to join a decent clan/group. I have learned from my mistakes and yadda yadda yadda. That was a painful year of being called a faggot over and over again and tons of people finding new ways to make fun of me but I look back at it as nothing. btw I have decent RuneEd experience and im making a mod called Vikings, Knights, and Samurais which I estimate should be about 20mb in size when its done and I have been gathering a team. Overall I just wish to have a fun time and make some more friends, cause Rune is less fun when you are a stranger or an outcast

Time can tell then hm?

You got a clean slab with me, since the past is the past
and the only thing that matters is what you decide to do here and now

I am hoping that my votes are more based on rational thought more than impression from the past because I am a much more fun guy than I used to be, trust me =]
Though I do suppose you will know that or deny that by the time the voting ever happens

i dont really know you so
i dont look at people's past

Heh my past isn't worth all the reading anyway cause thats a shit load of threads lol
short story for so many words said. Thanks for the kind welcome hehe not used to it on forum boards

k sexy baby

Lol sense when was I sexy?

the moment u said ur name!

Well that works for me haha

like ive been saying since the first time you applied im willing to give you a chance cuz i never had any problems with you it just comes down to how well the rest of these here folks accept to set the tension to the side..HOW YOU DOINZ BOY. IM FEELIN FRANDLY

xD Well i've never heard of you or anything so i really can't judge you on your past but even if i did, as stat said.. it depends on what you do now.. the past is over and done with ^ ^

Your making with the gays again


Lol glad to hear it
I am doing pretty well, tomorrow is the last day of school!