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[Join War]

Hi guys. I really want to join the WAR clan.

lol,welcome to the forums devilmaycry.Just stick around and try to get like 50 posts so we can get to know you better and begin member voting.Well just have fun at our forums and work on the 50 posts.

tric STFU let me say it OMFG. kk yo devilmaycry after all that time of me givin u the link in rune you finally got the website. welcome and g/l disregard everything tric says he's asian.

but vb is black so is inferior just like thugg and sleepy and therefore below me in life and gaming dont not only forget what they say but just forget about them period. kthanks.

ur gunna get ur ass killed some day

but im jk,and i only say stuff when i know im not gonna die,and i love those guys anyways.

hi devilmaycry nice to see you wanna join the coolest clan ever and try to stay active and get around 50 posts, dont let triclones gay asian voodoo get to ur head tho i own his life in rune and even tho its super hard to say this venom does too kthxbye

lmao.i am actually smiling from the last post.But they are both still black soooo.yeah you all know what i mean lol.

lol ****the last post is funny tricorn is the name s and dying is his game lol


who r u?
lol do u play rune?
i dk u but good luck

he plays rune. he couldn't find this website so he kept asking me to ask sat if he could join. and i was like NO go on forums post let everyone get ot know you. he slike why? im like everyone gets voted in hes like just ask satros if i can join im like ">,<"

shoulda jsut said "he said no" lol

lol sat * striahgt to the point*

Satros never says no if ya know what I mean

ye i yamean


k venom dont try to be a hero

lol wtf?


(im on vacation but i felt that somewhere venom was being pwnt..)