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Join war ftw

bporr+join war=?

  • yes (18.18%, 2 Votes)
  • no (81.82%, 9 Votes)
Number of votes: 11

I am bPORR as if u didnt know
play- pc wii and getting ps3 lulz

i vote no, cause thats not how we decide if we let you in or not lmao

n also cause u wrote ur getting a ps3

ps3 for the ghey

hey u dont start the poll satros does lmao

wow I just epic failed hahah ima vote no for myself

5 people say no, idkkk if he can joinn

4ppl + myself voted no lulz because i epically failed

well howdy, good luck on gettin in bPORR.

i voted yes because im not an asshole.
and whats up with ps3 bashing, who gives a shit whether he gets a ps3 or not.
lulz funny when someone announces hes getting a ps3 everyone starts hounding his ass,
but when a lion escapes from a zoo in africa nobody gives a shit.

cecil ur dumb this poll dont count lmao

i voted yes
i dont have a heart
wick ate it

Carbas wrote:
i voted yes
i dont have a heart
wick ate it

You should get that fixed.

we should get WICK fixed.

We should get kittie fixed.

then who will i have massive amounts of babies with!?!?!?

we can't just stop at 34


it sounds like there would be less sex invovled in that

That doesn't even sound worth it..

what doesnt

having 400 babies without having sex 400 times..


plus kittie is like an animal in bed! litteraly!