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imortal_k here

whats up guys i read that thinger and i certianly do understand and agree to the terms ummmm well lets see havik is to cool sat we know each other from the cov forums ummmm venomeblade i know from when i started rune thugg the titties i think the whole idea of having a group of dude that stay close knit and keep each other active is sweet you dont gotta worry about bein the best just fuckin around havinb fun and shit well ive checked out your forums and i think it would be sweet to be given a chance to join your little outfit post back with something whenever possible and ill see you guys out there

Hey i played with ya if i remember correctly you were a decent fighter,but again that doesnt matter,but anyways it will be great to have you in i think.

" i think" wow thats convincing

Welcome Imortal.. i am FURY (Furybeknown) not to be mistaken as blind..i am Venomblades older brotherstick around post alot! i believe its 50 posts you should we get to understand you more..

good luck

awsomness hey fury i know who you are remember from when i was either vkroflcoptorz of argent carl winslow or kerpal lemonaids and there have been some more but yeah triclone im the dude from the dma yeah ill be around and im not gonna be the type of guy that makes 50 bullshit posts in one night lol ill be around thanks guys

yep , cus were a close knit group we require applicants to make 50 posts so we can get to know u (not all at once tholike triclone did cough lol), and then we will vote u in

a few thigns about war, were a tight knit group, most of us feel we are part of war first and other fighting clans second, some dont, thats ok too, our main goals is to just fuck around and have a good time together

anyways welcome! cya around immortal

Oh, thats why you were saying hi to me today
I was trying to figure out how the hell I knew you. Haha.
Anyhow, welcome to the forums. Hope to see you in-game again soon. Though I've had little time to play lately. Hopefully, everyone will get to know you just fine and you will be accepted as part of the War community. Good luck, catch ya later.

ohhhhhhhh i remember you now

cool thanks sat you remember me from the cov forums right ?
lol its no problem man i figured you hadnt read the forums and would read em soon hope to see you out there fury whats up man havnt played you in a long while i remember you were one of the first people on here to be nice and show me some moves when i was a newb anyways ill see you guys out there

yep i rember u from cov forums hehe

can someone tell me why i cant find my sweet topic of chuck norris

i moved it to general chat cus it didnt fit for pictures sectioni dont see it now tho, :/, sorry if it got deleted man, this version of forums (its is in BETA after all) seems to have errors now and then, i rmeber yesterday i hit full edit, i edited and then click ok and it deleted one of my posts :/

anyways sorry, i dont see it anymore

meh oh well not that important lol

hi hi , well just to say " good luck " .. lol here and with dmi im trying to enter dmi too ,
well cya around !

thanks man did you post yet on dmi forums it takes awhile i guess the forums arnt very active so wait it out the guys are really cool

Wat up my thuggin GANSTA, hell ya just post a bunch.. this man i will definity vote yes on if he can make the post limitLATA PIMP!!!!!

word awsome havik will vote yes cuz imortal pwns havik lol jk man thanks