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I'd like to join WaR

I want join WaR. I'm good friends with MurD irl. He was the one who told me about Rune. I've been playing Rune since yesterday. My AIM is JediKiller1NG and my MSN is

wooot jake u wanna join WaR lol, uhhh ok just make 50 posts and get to now the ppl of war then we will vote to let u in or not

yeah wut murd said

and wow

best sig ever lol

mm , nothing to say , murd said u everything just good luck and i would like to see u in rune some day

omg kittie is in my computer!!!!! get her the fuck out of there!!! shell prolly just piss in it

woot hi jedikiller ya i played wit joo yesterday g/l

hey dude ya i remember playin wit u welcome to the WaR forums and rune too I guess

hi jedi i enjoyed playing with u this am welcome to rune community and war website good luck im also trying to get in war

YAY so we like get a new rune player,you dont see many of those around lol!Welcome,and good luck on your application,i look forward to seeing you in game.

lol he means he looks foward to getting killed by u jedi lol

hopefully not

i played with jedi on thursday bro he got some sklillz so be careful lol even i can kill u rofl aka if u can stay connectede long enough

ya ik he learned the game fast, he does has skills

he is very skilled murder iu fought him other day and he is good

wow i notice hes up until like 5 in the morning! like me ! lol.well 5 am in AZ time.

yeah i think he like stayed up all night.. cus thats like 8 eastern lol

good job.

I went to bed at like 1:40 or so but I forgot to log off. Slept all day though.

jesus wish i could sleep all day lol

its a teenager's life.i woke up at 3 in the afternoon myself.