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I would like to join.

oh and i think were votin on you now so just stay active

Hey LG have a geat luck man

CYa Boreder

Im So Bored

V???M?l??? wrote:
word blade


hmmm Hello

Good luck
im so bored

any update on that vb? i know stuff was hectic for a while

Oh hey guys. As you have probably seen I haven't been on for a while and well thats because I'm internet was fucked for a while. I'm sorry to say though that I haven't had much time latly to play games so i don't think I'm am right for your clan. Maybe in the future if I start playing agine I will come back but until than, Bye everyone at WAR.

aight well i hope your internet fixes up and well cya LG thx for stopping by


Howdy {LG}, good luck on joining {{WaR}} m8.

lmao old thread

V???M?l??? wrote:
Hi, and welcome, dont think i've played with you b4.

well LG good luck hope to see you on here more often , than not


Are you serious?

Good luck.