Forum / Join WaR Clan / i would like to join WAR.

i would like to join WAR.

yesi am going for WAR lol
i am white.. but i want to be black. i heard u guys are hte best at doing that.

welcome to da forumz.

lmao hey faith buddy

try to make 50 posts over the next 2 weeks or so and then we will vote u in

hi say venom owns us at being black? im gonna go suicide now

no dee dee dee. he said that our clan is good at turning white people black.
and i just pwn generally

k lawl

good to see you here..
now u have to do the posts..
damn.. do around 50 posts like satros said and u have my vote

lol i doubt he is going to do tht he hates forums

damn noob

He lost my vote by saying that Venom owns

wow.good 1 douchebag

gotta agree with luc.. lmao!
jk man

well welcome to the forums m8

omfg the next damn person that joins this clan saying venom owns im gonna fuckign shoot them int he face! venom does not ownnnnnnnnnnn!!!

yes he does, im proud to call Venom J Blade my son.

woot i have a father..
i mean another 1!. u better let me on 360 lol

not with those grades.

Satros wrote:
yes he does, im proud to call Venom J Blade my son.


rofl the only 2 posts hes made is in here

lol hey i only got 2 F's and those were in an elective so that doens't count ^^.