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I want in

Are you [JuNN] Chronic :P +

yeah he is

ah cool, i saw him in the junn forum so :P

Satros wrote:

ChRoNiC wrote:

Staticgirl wrote:
Where'd he go?

only 25 posts in and quits.

I havent quit im still here i just dont reply to EVERYTHING i see  :mellow:

good to hear chronic, aslong as you read the forums now and then you can take aslong as you want

Well ya i check here a couple times a day i just dont always make a post

okay nice :)

thats good, a lot of people have applied to war

some are too lazy to signup here so we tell them too bad then
some sign up here, make the post saying they want to join and never post again
some sign up here, post for awhile, then just stop
some sing up here, post for a few weeks, get accepted, and then never post again (we kick them out eventually)

those behaviors are the ones we look out for and deny new members because of, so aslong as you visit now and then its all good, good luck :)

glad to hear your still interested n whatnot, and like i said take your time, if you dont feel like posting then dont, theres no time period to get 50 posts, some members who have joined gained 50 posts over a period of 3 months, but we saw that they obviously were routinly visiting here since it had been 3 months so they got accepted quick


Lazy ppl sucks, still im a forum addict ><,

Darth wrote:

Lazy ppl sucks, still im a forum addict ><,

thats good. :p

Yeah it is, but sometimes it sucks cuz your just waiting for some1 to reply :p
aand you never get one :P